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Economy Lot

Economy Lot is $9 per day. With nearly 8,000 spaces, our Economy Lot is a convenient and cost-effective option for travelers. In this lot, guests can enjoy 24/7, complimentary shuttle service to the Ground Transportation Center where hospitable drivers escort guests to escalators and elevators to the terminal and a climate controlled Pedestrian Bridge or outdoor crosswalk to the Ground Transportation Center where guests can access the terminal.

Shuttle Tracker

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Parking Rates & Payments

Parking in the Economy Lot costs $9 per day with no additional fees. Pay for parking with a credit card at the pay station inside the Ground Transportation Center or at any pay station when exiting the lot. Cash payments are accepted at the cashier booths.

Major Credit Cards

Safety & Security

Around-the-clock assistance is available to locate lost vehicles and provide free jump starts and tire inflation. To request vehicle services, please call 317-487-5017.

The Economy Lot is well lit and includes emergency phones at each shelter. The area is patrolled by parking staff, airport police and monitored by security cameras.

Accessible Parking

Designated parking areas for drivers of vehicles displaying proper identification are readily available at the airport. If you need assistance, please call the on-duty parking supervisor at 317-487-5017.

Accessible Parking

parkIND Plus Program

parkIND Plus Program members earn one point for every dollar spent on parking in the Economy Lot. These points go toward one free day of parking!

parkIND Plus Program