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Concessions Refresh Program

Being an award-winning airport means keeping the experience at the Indianapolis Airport fresh and meaningful for both leisure and business travelers alike. The Concessions Refresh Program is intended to attract authentic retailers and food & beverage providers to the airport to showcase the local brands unique to the state of Indiana as permitted by law. The primary goal of the overall program has been adjusted in response to recent events to provide a healthy, safe experience for passengers while ensuring the IND Concessions Program meets and exceeds the expectations of the “traveler of the future.”

The Indianapolis Airport Authority will continue efforts to complete the Concessions Refresh Program in 2023 while ensuring passengers and guests have access to the restaurants, shops, products, and services they need while traveling.

Concessions Refresh Updates

The Indianapolis Airport Authority plans to release a public solicitation for the remaining key locations included in the original Concessions Refresh Program in early 2023. Please contact INDConcessionsRefresh@IND.comto learn more.

Representing Indy and Indiana

The Concession Refresh program is intended to attract “sense of place” retailers and food-and-beverage providers to the airport, as a means of showcasing local foods, beverages and brands that directly represent the Indianapolis culture and community. The IAA seeks to provide an immersion experience for travelers, so that when they land at IND, they are surrounded by the sights, sounds and tastes that comprise the Hoosier experience.