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The Indianapolis Airport Authority (“IAA”) website provides job applicants opportunities to independently connect with Airport Business Partners who may have employment opportunities available at or near the Indianapolis International Airport.

Airport Business Partners Employment Opportunities Program

How It Works?

The Indianapolis International Airport is an exciting place to work with a variety of airport business partners, including retail stores, food and beverage restaurants and airport services. Each participating airport business partner posts job opening(s) it is seeking to fill. The available job openings are posted on the airport business partner’s website and not on the IAA web site.


Interested applicants will submit the required information directly to each airport business partner. Participating airport business partners may select potential applicants for interviews and for hiring. Not all employment opportunities are posted because participation in this program is voluntary by each airport business partner employer.

By choosing to continue and view the website’s Airport Business Partners Opportunities Program, you understand and accept (1) that the IAA (a) does not warrant that you will receive any employment or job offers; (b) shall not be responsible for any employment offers presented by airport business partners; (c) does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, validity, or timeliness of information listed by any airport business partners; (d) shall not be responsible for any materials posted by airport business partners, including, but not limited to, job openings; and (e) is neither your employer nor your agent in any regard. You shall use your own judgment, caution, and common sense in evaluating any prospective employers and any information provided by any airport business partner.

Work for Airport Business Partners

The IAA partners with industry leading prime concessionaires and other businesses who operate the terminal's restaurants and shops. The dining and shopping options carry out the IAA's belief in excellent customer service. It is in part due to these operators and their employees that the Indianapolis International Airport has won so many customer service based awards!

Dining, Shopping & Services

Interested in working for the IAA Business Partners? TheIAA partners with industry leadingprime concessionaires andother businesses whooperate the below locations ofemployment within the airport. Both the IAA and its business partners arededicated to excellent customer service and strong work ethic. Due to employeesthat embody these two values, the Indianapolis International Airport has beenawarded both the Airport with the Best Customer Service and the Airport withthe Best Overall Concession Program among other such awards. HoosierHospitality is taken very seriously at IND!

Click the links below for more information on careeropportunities with airport concessionaires.

Work for IAA

The Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) offers career opportunities in various occupations. Our teams range from on-staff auto service technicians and a building maintenance crew to parking chauffeurs and terminal services groups. Many of our employees fall in love with the IAA environment and feel great pride for their workplace, earning respect in return. For this reason many of our employees are tenured and have been with IAA for more than 20 years.

Work for IAA


The Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) Badging Office issues, tracks and manages badges and security credentials of employees from the airport, airlines, concessionaires, business partners, and airport service providers.

All employees must have the proper security and identification credentials to work on airport property at Indianapolis International Airport (IND). Temporary badges are not permitted or issued.