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Parking Information

% Open
Level 2 | Daily Full
Level 3 | Daily Full
Level 3 | Hourly Full
Level 4 | Daily Full
Level 5 | Daily Full

Whether you're parking with us for a few hours or heading out for an extended trip, we've got you covered. Each of our parking options offer ways to earn free parking through the parkIND Plus Program.

Don't see something you're looking for? Contact Guest Services at 317-487-7243 or reach out to us through our online contact form. If you're at IND, you can stop by the Guest Services desk which is located in Civic Plaza, just beyond Ticketing Hall.

Let Us Help You Choose: Parking Options

How long will you be parking at the airport? Use the chart below or this map

to see what parking options are available and the best option for your stay.

Short Term Parking

Are you looking for a short term (four hours or less) parking option at the airport?

  • Cell Phone Lot
    Guests waiting to pick up arriving passengers may park in the free Cell Phone Lot. Follow signs for the Cell Phone Lot after arriving at IND. Once passengers have let you know of their arrival, guests may proceed to the terminal.
  • Hourly Parking
    Hourly Parking is located on level three of the Terminal Garage and costs $2 per half hour. Learn More

Long Term Parking

Are you looking for a long term (four hours or more) parking option at the airport?

  • Valet
    Valet Parking is located on Level 3 of the Terminal Garage and costs $32 per day. Learn More
  • Daily Parking
    Daily Parking is located on all floors of the Terminal Garage and costs $23 per day. Learn More
  • Park & Walk
    Park & Walk is located in the Long Term Lot and costs $14 per day. Learn More
  • Economy Parking
    Economy Parking is located in the Long Term Lot and costs $9 per day. Learn More

Learn More About Parking At IND

Click the drop downs below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

The Economy Lot shuttle buses operate 24/7 and pick up passengers from the shelters every 5 to 7 minutes. If you see a wait time exceeding 10 minutes on your bus arrival display in the shelter, please call a Parking Supervisor at 317-487-5017 to notify them of the delay.

It takes an average of 15 minutes from parking your vehicle, taking the shuttle bus, and arriving at the terminal Ground Transportation Center. Then, it’s a short 5-minute walk to the terminal building to access airline ticket counters and TSA security screening.

Currently, IND does not take parking reservations. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend checking the website for parking availability before arriving at the airport.

Various parking options exist to meet your needs. The Economy Lot is $9 per day, Park & Walk Lot is $14 per day, Terminal Garage is $23 per day, and Valet is $32 per day. For short-term parking needs when picking up a loved one, the Terminal Garage is $2 per half hour.

When you arrive at your desired parking location please take a ticket upon entry. At the end of your parking stay you may pay with a credit card at a pay station or see a cashier to pay with cash.

The parkIND Plus Program is designed for frequent travelers helping you earn points each time you park at IND, to redeem for free parking. The program is free to enroll and offers convenient contactless entry and exit, and digital receipts to use for reimbursement purposes.

IND is happy to help! Please call 317-487-5017 to reach the Parking Supervisor on duty. They will be able to help you locate your vehicle, put air in your tire, or jump start your vehicle – all free of charge.

It happens to the best of us! If you lost your parking ticket you will need to see a cashier at the exit booth to process your transaction. Please have your flight itinerary readily available on your phone or your airline tickets in hand. The cashier will contact a parking supervisor to assist with getting you processed out of the parking location.

The pay stations and cashier will provide a receipt option. If you misplaced your receipt or never received one, please contact us with the amount, date exiting the lot, and your name. We will be able to email you a receipt.

The clearance height of the Terminal Garage is 8 feet 2 inches. Please park in the outdoor Economy Lot or Park & Walk lot if you have a vehicle taller than this clearance.

Parking Fee Calculator

Please note that parking fees generated by this calculator are only based on an estimated time frame and may not accurately reflect the actual fees charged by the Indianapolis International Airport parking system. Estimates are based on the dates and times specified here on this website and not those which will be used after having parked at the airport.