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Economic Impact

Indianapolis International Airport is at the crossroads of commerce and community. On an average day, 10,170 people are starting their work day onsite at IND and 22,600 area jobs have a connection to IND, injecting a $2 billion payroll into the economy each year. IND makes an impressive $5.4 billion total annual economic impact.

U.S. Airports Economic Impact

America's airports impact travel and tourism with 730 million passengers connecting to 10,500 global destinations. U.S. airports impact people and the local economy with 1.3 million Americans working at airports and 10.5 million total jobs generated by airports in their surrounding communities.

Economic Impact Study

The study, which was conducted by the Indiana University Public Policy Institute and measures the economic impact on Marion County, shows the airport is a vital source of commerce on all key areas of economic growth. IND is an economic engine that creates jobs, facilitates growth across local business sectors and spends significant money in the local market.

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A Good Neighbor

By exploring continuous improvements and opportunities for innovation, we can minimize the impact of airport operations on the environment. We strive to act as responsible stewards of the environment at all times.


Meeting Planners

Flight connectivity plays a huge factor in making conferences run smoothly and on time. Hold your next event in Indianapolis and you'll see why Visit Indy boasts the most connected meetings package in the country.

Meeting Planners

#1 Convention City

Flight connectivity is a factor in making conferences run smoothly and on time. IND averages 145 flights per day from 50 nonstop destinations allowing attendees to focus on the fun of the event and not the stress of travel.