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Land Use Initiative

As a vital catalyst for economic development throughout central Indiana, the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) is undergoing a Land Use Initiative to fuel the local economy by putting land back onto local tax rolls.

Driving Economic Growth

To serve the greater community and drive economic growth and job creation in the metropolitan area, nearly 800 acres of IAA property will be available for development, redevelopment and recreational use.

The initiative will add to the IAA's more than $5.4 billion total annual economic impact while also increasing tax revenue for local communities, schools and other beneficiaries. By putting land back onto local tax rolls and into productive use, the IAA will create an estimated annual land tax revenue of $1.7 million with additional tax revenues as development occurs, adding to the more than $55 million in state and local tax revenues generated by the airport each year.

The IAA's guiding principles and forward-thinking operations have allowed IND to progress as a world-class airport with longstanding plans for its property. Having a long-term plan for smart growth and development of airport land has been a top priority for decades. Land use studies and community outreach programs in recent years have supported the IAA's plan.

Throughout this process, the IAA will work alongside area residents, community members, business owners, local leaders and municipal officials to optimize development and growth in the area. The IAA will also continue to support its longstanding commitment to sound environmental and sustainability principles by working to integrate its actions with the needs and values of local communities. This plan will help guide the IAA as future development and opportunities for public and private partnership are explored.