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Indianapolis Airport Sells Nearly 2,000 Acres to Plainfield

The nearly $1.6 million sale protects ongoing conservation efforts

INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 15, 2017) – Today the Indianapolis Airport Authority Board authorized the sale of nearly 2,000 acres of conservation land to the Town of Plainfield, furthering the commitment the IAA made in 2015 to restore non-aviation land to local communities and local tax rolls.

“IAA staff and our community partners have worked diligently to ensure this tract of land is given a continuing and enhanced purpose – and I thank all involved for their smart work and conscientious judgement in bringing this transaction to fruition,” said Barbara Glass, IAA board president.

The Town of Plainfield will pay nearly $1.6 million for the land, which includes protected wetland areas, and critical habitats for the endangered Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis) and many other animal and plant species. The land also includes Sodalis Nature Park, which features trails, picnic areas and a 5.5-acre pond for public use.

Of the full acreage, 1,724 acres is restricted land based upon U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services and Army Corp of Engineers regulatory standards and is functionally reserved for conservation purposes, while 142 acres is unrestricted and available for other uses.

“Our focus is on aviation, and being a good neighbor to the communities we serve,” said Mario Rodriguez, IAA executive director. “This land transaction is the embodiment of both – and we’re delighted it will transfer to the capable hands of one of our key business partners, the Town of Plainfield.”

In 2015, the IAA entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Town of Plainfield to discuss the future use of the land and to explore creating an even better opportunity for residents to enjoy the land’s natural environment.

“We are excited to see this land sale opportunity come to our community where we will continue to preserve the ongoing conservation efforts, enhance the recreational activities in Sodalis Nature Park, and plan thoughtfully for those areas where development can take place,” said Robin Brandgard, Plainfield Town Council president.

“This is another example of steady progress to meet the goals of our land use initiative,” said Alfred Bennett, IAA board secretary and board representative from Hendricks County. “Our airport neighbors will directly benefit from this transaction, and I look forward to seeing the impact this has for Hendricks County residents and the Town of Plainfield.”