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Indy Airport: Rare Video Filmed on Airfield to Run Through December 2019

IND arts program highlights ‘artists whose work doesn't fit neatly into an exhibition case’

INDIANAPOLIS (July 15, 2019) – Rare video art captured onsite at the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) is on exhibit between the departures level and baggage claim through the end of 2019. The video, An Open Flight created by local Hoosier artist Liz Wierzbicki, collages video and physical images into a fantasy composite of a flight experience.

Of all the rotating art displayed through the past decade at the Indy airport, artwork filmed or photographed onsite is rare. Only displays exhibited in 2013 and 2014 have preceded Wierzbicki’s most recent work.

“It's not often passengers get the perspective from the airfield that Liz’s video captures," said IAA Executive Director Mario Rodriguez. "But that's what the IND arts program is about -- providing unique views through the lens of individual local artists and their experiences. We're proud to provide that as part of the overall IND passenger experience.”

Wierzbicki’s work leverages the landscape of the airfield at night to reveal three different perspectives of planes in flight – ending with a sunrise emerging over the airfield. This collage of various images spanning across time uses clouds and sky as metaphors for the infinite complexity of the mind, and the junction of earth and sky to represent the mind and body. The curtains pulling back and closing at the start and finish of the video reflect the space between the physical and emotional self. Wierzbicki’s video is a part of the Indy airport’s ongoing video program, which is a collaboration between the Indy airport and the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

Liz Wierzbicki received a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics and fine art from Augustana College in Ill. and her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Herron School of Art and Design, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis. She is a co-founder and the program director at Cat Head Press Printshop and Artist Cooperative, with two locations on Indianapolis’ near east side. Wierzbicki exhibits her printmaking, collage, and video work around Indianapolis and the Midwest, including solo shows at the Crooked Tree Art Center in Traverse City, Mich. and in Indianapolis at Sugar Space Gallery, Storage Space, and the Herron Gallery. She also showed work in the prestigious Art from the Heartland regional invitational exhibition at the Indianapolis Art Center. Wierzbicki lives and works in Indianapolis.

“The video series at the airport lets us highlight artists whose work doesn't fit neatly into an exhibition case," says Julia Moore, Director of Public Art at the Arts Council of Indianapolis. "So-called 'new media' includes the experience of time and the use of new technologies, both of which are important directions for Indianapolis artists today.”

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