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We the People

We the People

Category: Temporary

This mural is a vinyl reproduction of an original work and depicts the beautiful people of the world, dressed in all their glory.

  • Artist: D. Powell-Smith/#GeorgettesGrandaughter
  • Location: Concourse A

About the Artist: Dana Powell-Smith is an abstract artist who honors her family and lineage through her process. As the Granddaughter of Harlem Renaissance artist Georgette Seabrooke Powell, Dana was immersed in the art world from a young age. Her sweetest childhood memories were in joining her grandmother in DC as she activated in public spaces and in painting alongside other children, on the sidewalk and in the park. While Dana is currently based in Indianapolis, she was born and raised in New York. Dana spends her visits back home in St. Albans, Queens where her mother, sister, and numerous other close family members have resided for over 25 years.