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Water Color

Water Color

Category: Temporary

Water Color is an excerpt from a longer piece of the same name, created by West Lafayette artist Claudia Krogmeier, with assistance from Brandon Coventry, in order to bring color and inspiration to the difficult year of 2020. Color streams move through the water slowly, like otherworldly creatures exploring a new habitat, growing more complexly intertwined as the film progresses. The blue and purple droplets create ripples and reflections throughout the water, providing a brief interlude of calm and relaxation for the busy traveler.

  • Artist: Claudia Krogmeier
  • Installation: July 2021 - December 2021
  • Location: Civic Plaza/Baggage Claim Escalators

View the full video here.

About the Artist: Claudia Krogmeier became interested in video production as a teenager in her hometown of West Lafayette, Indiana, developing spoof videos of family and friends as she learned to edit footage together in different ways to tell stories. During her undergraduate work in telecommunications at Indiana University, she learned how to direct a crew to help craft her vision. She later began experimenting with short films and music videos using techniques inspired by avant-garde cinema, particularly those which expose the way the film was created. Claudia often emphasizes unexpected visual effects and explores ambiguous narratives in her films. She currently lives in West Lafayette after pursuing her work in Los Angeles, California and Portland, Oregon. She received her M.S. in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University in 2019 and is currently a Ph.D. student in Technology, also at Purdue.

To learn more about Claudia and see additional film work, visit her website at