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Category: Temporary

This abstract sculpture form is a visual representation of travel, using public art to activate the viewer's imagination to travel through time, space, and color. The sculpture's use of displaced geometric forms and subtle organic curves seem both foreign and familiar to the viewer.

  • Artist: Nathan Pierce, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Installation: January 2022 - January 2024
  • Materials: Stainless steel and acrylic
  • Location: North Garden

About the Artist: Nathan Pierce was brought up in the Midwest where his father, a third-generation stone mason, taught him the value of craftsmanship. From this experience grew an appreciation for the working man, as well as a passion for building things with his hands. Inspired by his many years in the construction business, the idea to create sculptures from those same materials seemed natural and permanent. Nathans work has been displayed extensively in public outdoor sculpture programs across the Midwest, including The Chicago Sculpture Exhibit, SPACES Sculpture Invitational in Huntsville Alabama, and was the recipient of the Lewis C Weinberg Award at Skokie North Shore Sculpture Park. His monumental sculptures have been commissioned for permanent collections by the city of Bentonville Arkansas, the Paradise Palms & Sculpture Garden of West Delray Beach Florida, and the City of Decatur, Georgia.