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Flight + Mode

Flight + Mode

Category: Temporary

Flight + Mode is a first class crew of collectively cultivated creatives, on course to stimulate your visual senses!


A group of soulful artists, collectively flying through the atmosphere, soaring to new heights.

A brilliant display of imaginative, unrestrained creativity.


A particular form, a variety of ideals, transporting new modes of communication. A manner of expression. A different mode of living, a manifestation of an underlying substance. Style. A particular functioning arrangement of condition. Status.

  • Installation: December 2022 - April 2023
  • Location: Ticketing Hall


  • Gary Gee, curator
  • Hector Del Campo
  • Cierra Johnson
  • LaToya Marlin
  • Amiah Mims
  • Andre Parnell
  • Omar Rashan
  • Mechi Shakur
  • Israel Solomon
  • Will Watson
  • Kevin West