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Downtown Heliport (8A4)

Physical Address

51 South New Jersey Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-955-1271


FAA identifier: 8A4
Airport use: Open to the public
Unicom: 123.05
Parking: Hangars and tiedowns
Fuel: Jet A self service fuel available

Helipad Information

60 x 60 ft/ 18 x 18 m

For additional technical information visit AirNav.

Have Questions?

For additional information, please contact the appropriate IAA staff below:

Airport Operations and Security
Keith Berlen
Sr. Director of Operations & Public Safety
Phone: 317-487-5022

Airport Maintenance and Safety
Matt Lewis
Deputy Sr. Director of Operations and Maintenance
Phone: 317-487-5021

Airport Administration, Heliport Parking Permits, Office & Hangar Availability
Justin Walker
Tenant Relations Program Manager
Phone: 317-487-5296

Emergency requests: 317-487-5093