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Online Solicitation Management System

The Indianapolis Airport Authority posts all solicitations through a web-based solicitation management system, PlanetBids. Vendors should register in the system in order to receive automatic e-mail notifications on future solicitations based on the type of service and/or supply in their company's line of business. PlanetBids is offered to vendors for free and provides better service and convenience.

Vendor Registration

Key features and benefits of the new system:

  • Maintain your own profile as a new, existing or potential vendor
  • Receive automatic e-mail notifications for selected solicitation opportunities based on product/service categories selected or select the category “All Categories” to receive all solicitation notifications.
  • Search for current solicitations at any time
  • View and download solicitation document(s), when available
  • Register for emergency operations by providing your 24-hour contact information for goods/services you can provide if requested

Easy to use and register:

Follow the instructions below to register for the new system:

General Questions

Please see below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

PlanetBids is a web-enabled procurement and electronic bidding system, implemented in order to provide better service and convenience to vendors. In order for the system to work effectively, you must register online. As a registered vendor in the system, you will be automatically notified of Solicitations via Bid Alerts that match the categories you have entered in your profile. You may, at any time, search for the latest contracting opportunities available, request and download documents, and bid electronically (if applicable) on all open requests up until bid closing. Best of all, this service is offered to vendors for free!

You do not need to register to view a summary of a solicitation or the bid tabulation if applicable. However, to download any solicitation documents you will need to register.  

Adobe Flash is required in order to use any of the PlanetBids vendor portals.

  • Please check your spam and junk mail folders to make sure the emails have not gone there.
  • Log in to your profile and ensure that you typed your email address in correctly.
  • If you still have not received the emails, please have your IT department "white list" the domain to ensure that the notifications are not being blocked.

Vendor Registration and Profile

Please see below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

If you would like to become a registered vendor, please select "New Vendor Registration" from the main vendor portal and complete any mandatory items within each of the tabs. All mandatory fields are denoted by a red asterisk. 

Company Info tab: Enter a Username and Password(Tip: write it down to remember). Complete the Company Info. The Main Contact information section will allow you to enter up to two separate email addresses (a main and an alternate) for notifications of projects out to solicitation. 

For those Agencies asking if you’re an authorized signer, only the primary email address will receive a PIN. The PIN may be required when submitting a bid. 

Additional Addresses tab: If your company has multiple addresses you may enter them here, if you so choose. Remit Addresses are addresses the Agency should use to mail all payments or invoice inquiries. Order Addresses are addresses the Agency should use for purchase orders. 

Classifications/Licenses tab: Select D/M/W/VBE business enterprise classification and certifying agency, please check all the apply. Also, please indicate if your business is (a) listed on the IDOA Buy Indiana Directory (b) a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and/or (c) pre-qualified by the Indiana Department of Administration (IDOA) and/or the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). You must select at least one category under Classifications to register. Choose “None” if no options are applicable. 

For definitions of the classifications and certifications, please visit the IAA Supplier Diversity Program.

Demographics section: Select the appropriate demographics for your company. Choose “Declined to State” if desired.

Residency Status section: Select if your company is registered and authorized to do business within the State of Indiana. 

Other Business Info tab: At a minimum complete the “Gross Receipts in Millions” and “In Business Since” questions.

Category/Description tab: Business Description is an optional area for you to describe additional information about your company. Notifications via e-mail alerts are not generated based on the information submitted in the description box. 

Categories are selected by highlighting the category (NAICS code) and clicking the "Add" button. You can select multiple categories (NAICS codes).  If you would like to receive notifications for all new solicitations posted select the category # 999999 titled “ALL CATEGORIES – SELECT TO RECEIVE ALL NOTIFICATIONS”. 

To assist in searching for categories, you can organize categories by numeric or alphabetical order by clicking on the column header or you can search for them by typing a keyword in the box above to bring up all categories that include the keyword in their title. 

Emergency Operations tab: Select yes or no if you are able to provide assistance during a disaster or emergency. Selecting yes, will generate an additional list of questions to complete including 24-hour contact information and emergency operations categories your company can provide.

If you select No at this time, you can come back later to change it to yes or to edit any of the data fields.

When you are done completing the vendor registration form, click "Register" at the bottom right corner of the page to submit your profile. Registration is immediate; you do not need to wait for a confirmation email to log in or begin using the system.

Check to ensure that there are no blank spaces, before or after, the email address. If you are still receiving an error message, try highlighting the entire field, delete it, and then re-entering your email address.

Yes, within your vendor profile, in the “Company Info” tab under the “Main Contact” section, you can enter a main email address, as well as an alternate email address for solicitation notifications.

There is no Save function for the main vendor profile until all required information has been completed. You can leave the page open and, as long as your browser or computer is not shut off, your information will not be deleted. 

Upon successful registration, the New Registration Confirmation pop-up will appear. You will also receive an email confirmation with your log in information. However, you do not need to wait for the confirmation email to begin using the system.

Yes, once you have completed the registration process, you will be able to make changes to your company profile at any time through our website. From the main portal, simply log in, if you have not already done so, and select "Vendor Profile". Make the necessary changes and click "Save and Exit".

Click "Log in" if you have not already done so. Click "Forgot", enter your email address, and select "Send Email". An email will be sent to both the primary and alternate email addresses in your profile with your username and password.

  • Log in
  • Click on “Vendor Profile”
  • Make all necessary edits and then click “Save and Exit”.

Solicitation Opportunities

Please see below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

To view Indianapolis Airport Authority solicitations, please go to the vendor portal and click “Bid Opportunities”. This will take you to a list of all of the solicitations.

Registered vendors are notified automatically, via email, if the category code(s) used by the Agency in a new, issued bid request matches the category code(s) you've selected in your vendor profile. If a match occurs, you will automatically be notified via an email with the subject "Bid Alert". 

You may also check the Agency’s “Bid Opportunities” section at any time to view bids that have been issued. A list of codes used by the Agency for the bid will be listed. If you did not receive a notice, you may wish to update your profile with the appropriate code(s) to ensure future notifications.

You will need to be a registered vendor and will need become a Prospective Bidder on the specific opportunity you are interested in. The system will then automatically e-mail based on the e-mail addresses in your profile all notifications for associated addendums and other applicable communication. See information below on how to become a Prospective Bidder.

There are two ways to search for current or past listings from the Bid Opportunities page posted after March 27, 2017:

  • Simply click "Search" and a complete list of all current and past bids available for viewing will be listed.
  • To do an advanced search, enter your search criteria and click "Search". The results can be organized in ascending or descending order by clicking on a column header.

Double click on the bid title to view the bid information, which is a summary. You can navigate through the tabs at the top of the listing to view important information.

Solicitations/Bids posted prior to March 27, 2017 can be viewed under the Archive section in the Business Opportunities page of the IND website.  Note that any addendums to postings prior to this date will also be under the archive section.

Go to the Documents/Attachments Tab and click “Download Now”. You may be asked to log in, if you have not already done so. 

Once you’ve logged in, a Prospective Bidder Detail pop-up will appear. Double check the information and, if everything is correct, click “Done”. This will add your information to the Prospective Bidders list. You may at any time reassign this bid to another person at your company by changing the information in the Prospective Bidder’s box. All emails for this bid will go to the person listed in the Prospective Bidder’s tab.

Click “Download” next to each file associated with the bid.

To download addenda files, please complete the following steps on the Addenda/Email Tab.

  • Log in, if you have not already done so.
  • Double click on the addendum you wish to download/view and acknowledge.
  • Double click on the attached file to download.
  • At the bottom left-hand corner of the addendum box, click Acknowledge. If the Acknowledge button is not available, you have either already acknowledged the addendum or you have not yet logged in.
  • Select "Done" when finished.

There are several ways to become a prospective bidder. First open the bid you are interested in and then do one of the following:

  • RSVP for the Pre Bid Meeting (Bid Information Tab)
  • Download documents with an * next to them (Documents/Attachments Tab)
  • Go to the Line Items tab (if there are no documents, this tab will force you to become a Prospective Bidder before you can view the items).
  • Click on “Place eBid”.

If you would like to remove yourself from the Prospective Bidders list, click “My PB Profile” on the top, right corner of the page. Then, change your status from Bidder to Non-Bidder. If you choose Non-Bidder, No Communications, you will no longer receive notifications for the bid. Your information will not be fully removed, as the bid must contain a full record of all parties and how they interacted with the bid. 

NOTE: If you change your bidding status, only the Indianapolis Airport Authority can change your status back to Bidder.

You must contact the Indianapolis Airport Authority, more specifically the person listed as the contact on the bid, to request that they change your bidder status for you.

Be sure to log in first and then go to the Q&A tab of the solicitation/bid you’re interested in. If you do not see this tab, it has not been enabled by the Agency conducting the solicitation. Refer to the files located in the Documents and Attachments tab for further information on how to submit questions.

If there is a Q&A tab the submittal deadline will be shown at the top, left corner, under the tabs. If the date and time has not passed, you may click on the “Ask Question” button in the upper right hand corner. You may ask as many questions as necessary. You may edit your question, as well as delete them. Once you have asked all your questions click “Submit”. You will not be able to see your question on that tab until the Agency answers the questions and releases it to all the prospective bidders. 

The response file will be your response/proposal to the solicitation.  For details on what to include in your proposal you must refer to the solicitation bid documents or contact the Indianapolis Airport Authority directly.

Please refer to the PlanetBids, Inc. privacy and security policies.

The Indianapolis Airport Authority has full control over the posting of bid results.  Bid results are posted when applicable. Some results may be released at a later date or not at all. To check for bid results go to the Addenda and E-Mail tab for your project. Bid results document is located as an attachment under the E-Mail messages section.  The Indianapolis Airport Authority has final determination on awardee(s). Double click on any of the bid results listed for more detail. The Indianapolis Airport Authority has sole discretion on the level of information provided for bid results.

Yes, you can view the Bid Information tab that includes summary information but will not be able to download the solicitation/bid documents. You can view the Bid Tabulation as instructed in the proceeding answer to the question above.

Have Questions?

For additional information on the new solicitation system, PlanetBids, please contact the IAA Procurement Department by email or phone.

IAA Procurement Department
Phone: 317-487-5522