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Investor Relations

Learn more about the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) annual budget, ratings, debt profile and municipal compliance below.


The IAA prepares an Annual Budget of projected revenues and expenditures. The information is based on IAA’s current plans, expectations, estimates and assumptions which are subject to a number of uncertainties that could significantly affect current plans, anticipated actions, the timing of such actions in relation to our financial condition and the results of operations. Actual results may differ materially from expectations, estimates or assumptions expressed in or implied by any forward-looking statements made by the IAA. The Annual Budget is reviewed with the Airlines and approved by the City of Indianapolis.

Review the current and historical budgets below.

Monthly Financial Reports (Unaudited)

The IAA prepares monthly airport operations and financial reporting that highlights relevant comparisons to prior year actual results and current year budget projections.

Review the current report below.

Annual Financial Reports

The Indianapolis Airport Authority produces and publishes a Annual Comprehensive Financial Report each year to document its organizational structure and a variety of financial information and statements prepared by an independent auditor related to revenue, expenses, cash flow, changes in retained earnings and debt service analysis.

The reports also include unaudited statistical information about Indianapolis International Airport's revenue by source, landed weights, numbers of enplaned passengers, rates and charges, cost per enplaned passenger and demographic data.

For additional information or questions about these reports, contact the Finance Department at 317-487-5283.


The IAA has been assigned municipal bond ratings by Standard & Poor's Rating Services, Moody's Investor Services, and Fitch Ratings:

Standard & Poor’s – A, Stable outlook
Moody's Investor Services - A1, Stable outlook
Fitch Ratings - A, Stable outlook

These ratings reflect only the respective views of the rating agencies as of the date of the respective reports.

Bond Issues

IAA Official Statements pertain to currently outstanding revenue bonds only. IAA continuing disclosure and other material event filings are available on the Electronic Municipal Market Access website and can be obtained by visiting

Use the tool below to view official statements for the outstanding revenue bonds.

Municipal Compliance

In September 2013, SEC Release No. 34-70462 established final rules defining municipal advisors and advisory activities. The Municipal Advisor (MA) Rule became effective on July 1, 2014. The IAA has named Frasca & Associates, LLC as its MA. For more information, please review the MA notification.

Contacts & Related Links

For additional information on investor relations, contact:

Indianapolis International Airport (IND) Investor Relations
Attention: Robert Thomson, Treasurer
7800 Col. H. Weir Cook Memorial Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46241

Phone: 317-487-5283 | Email:

Additional helpful related links include: