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Purdue Black Cultural Center

Purdue Black Cultural Center

Category: Temporary

This exhibition, which contains a small portion of the Purdue Black Cultural Center's vast collection of artwork and artifacts, conveys elements of Black cultural life. Items include contemporary artwork, antiquities from many African countries, and ephemera from the BCC's historic 53-year presence on Purdue's campus.

  • Installation: December 2021 - April 2022
  • Location: Ticketing Hall

About the Purdue Black Cultural Center: The Purdue Black Cultural Center, located on Purdue University's West Lafayette, Indiana campus, highlights and celebrates life across the global Black Diaspora. Known at the BCC, the Center's mission is to enhance the community's understanding of the cultural richness in the Black experience. Everything from the Center's use of traditional African architectural features to the collection housed within support its mission. The BCC provides purposeful, holistic, scholarly, and co-curricular programming designed to strengthen understanding of and empathy for Black Diasporic heritage. Born of activism in the late sixties, the BCC, a National Trust Historic Preservation Distinctive Destination, sponsors seven performing arts ensembles on Purdue's campus, embarks on regular cultural tours around the globe, and hosts world-renowned guest speakers, lecturers, artists, and activists.

Today, the BCC is nationally recognized and acknowledged as one of the best centers of its kind, serving as a catalyst for a host of educational, artistic, social, and technological initiatives. The center provides an environment that fosters cross-cultural exchanges, noteworthy research, and artistic expression.