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I Carry My Loved Ones With Me

I Carry My Loved Ones With Me

Category: Temporary

I Carry My Loved Ones With Me is a video of an art piece created from that moment of saudade, a Brazilian word that has no translation to any language but the closest of the profound meaning of it is, missing those you love (saudade has also a melancholic energy to it).

The looping of the video references many lives (in this life!) that the artist has lived, as well as the many layers of the button. The button was made with ecru cotton, printed and then stitched. Ecru cotton fabric is a reference to a story still to be written. The words are printed letter by letter and then hand stitched as a reference of the time spent, dedication, care, attention, and of course, LOVE.

  • Artist: Samantha Ortiz
  • Installation: January - June 2023
  • Location: Civic Plaza/Baggage Claim Escalators

View the full video here.

About the artist: Samantha Ortiz is a visual artist working within the intersection of slow clothing, art jewelry, and fine art. Her work, using a wide variety of media including knitting, painting, language, and others, explores the power of human form and its self-healing. Ortiz’s thoughtful voice invites viewers into interactive installations, sculptures and objects to wear or to hold. Ortiz has had her work exhibited at the Venice Bienniale, and has lectured and exhibited in art museums, galleries, design stores and art institutions in Lisbon, New York, Madrid, Valparaíso, Indianapolis and many cities in Brazil. She currently lives in Indianapolis. | @samanthaortizstudio |