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Getting Centered

Getting Centered

Category: Temporary

Two new vinyl murals, Getting Centered and Mass Ave., have been added to temporary art program at IND. A panel of local arts experts and IAA representatives have also selected Jen Broemel and H. Ward Miles to exhibit their works as murals through December 2020 at the Indy airport. The panel reviewed more than 200 artworks from 70 artists submitted via an open call.

  • Artists: Jen Broemel
  • Installation: March 1, 2019 - December 1, 2020
  • Location: Concourse Connector

About the Artist: Jen Broemel is a former architect who has chosen to explore alternative creativity through improvisational quilting. Her piece, Getting Centered, was originally created as a quilted textile. Finding order in chaos is a recurring theme for the artist, who developed the design as a stitched grid overlying improvisations of shape and color. The piece represents freedom and the ability to hold everything together, yet still exist in the moment and try new things as they come along. She exhibits her work in numerous fine art and quilt shows, including this year’s international exhibitions QuiltCon and quilt national and most recently was selected to exhibit an element of one of her quilt works as part of the Arts Council of Indianapolis’ High Art billboard project. Broemel lives in Indianapolis.