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Indianapolis International Airport Remains Open for Essential Travel

Additional Traveler Updates on Coronavirus Response

With the new Indiana Stay-At-Home Order, many travelers and their loved ones are wondering what that means for the Indianapolis International Airport (IND). The airport is defined as essential infrastructure. That means that IND remains open and operational, though in many cases airlines have reduced their schedules. Travelers are strongly advised to check with their airline before heading to the airport. Additionally, public health guidance recommends only flying for essential travel.

In addition to the continuation of flight operations at IND, businesses that are part of the usual airport operations are also exempt from the orders. Concession stores, parking offerings, and ground transportation providers all continue operating, though in some cases with adjusted schedules or protocols.

Individuals are also still allowed to travel to IND to pick-up or drop-off friends and loved ones, but the Stay-At-Home Order and public health guidelines remain, and it is recommended that those guests remain in their cars and practice social distancing rather than going into the terminal to meet their parties.

Carry out food and grab and go sales are available at a limited number of airport locations, some shops have reduced or different hours of operation. Guests are asked to maintain at least six feet of distance between themselves and others when in stores, gate areas, security lines and generally when walking throughout the airport.

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions and answers for those who must travel.

Is IND open? Yes. IND remains open and operating for those who have essential travel. Many airlines have reduced flight schedules, so passengers are encouraged to check with their airlines before heading to the airport.

Are shuttles and buses that serve IND still running? Yes. Rental car, city and IND-operated buses and shuttles (e.g. Employee Shuttle, Economy Lot Shuttle, IndyGo) remain in operation. Guests are asked to maintain at least six feet between themselves and others on these buses and shuttles.

Are IND parking offerings open? Yes. The Terminal Parking Garage at IND remains open and operating. Starting April 10, the Economy Lot will temporarily close. During this closure, the Park & Walk lot will reduce its daily rate from $14 to $9 per day to still serve cost-conscious passengers.

Can I drive to IND to pick someone up? Yes. Remember to practice social distancing. If you can pick your guest up curbside or meet them in the Terminal Garage rather than coming into the terminal, you reduce the possibility of coming into contact with someone else or spreading germs.

Are restaurants and stores open? Some non-essential services and specialty retail stores may have adjusted operating hours or are closing their airport locations for the foreseeable future. Carry-out restaurants and grab ‘n go locations remain open, though they may have adjusted operating hours. Please check for a full list of open stores.

What are you doing to reduce the spread of germs at IND? The Indianapolis Airport Authority has implemented all recommended cleaning and sanitizing protocols put out by public health officials. This includes deploying more hand sanitizer stations throughout the airport, increasing deep cleaning protocols for high-touch areas, restrooms, and posting signage throughout the airport reminding people of the steps they can take to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, guests are asked to follow public health guidance on hand washing, social distancing and staying home if they are sick. More information on cleaning and sanitizing protocols and other steps IND is taking to keep airport guests safe can be found at

The response to COVID-19 remains fluid, with new directives and orders arriving daily. As there are updates to the operations of IND, that information will be shared via and social media.